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You have no time to do everything yourself but need your business to work smoothly?
You would like to have your own website, a mobile application built from scratch or you’re looking for maintenance service?
We all are at your service.

ABout us

Who we are

We are a team of IT experts in different areas of WEB and Mobile development. It does not matter what technology we’ll face but it matters that we’ll find a way to help with any request from our clients.
We believe that as a simpler way of communication is the better results our clients get. That’s why we do not like any kind of bureaucracy and never ask our clients to follow something like this.
Our aim is to bring as more value as it’s possible for our clients’ IT products and we all here can be proud that a part of our love will help our clients establish and grow their business.

Mello Website
what we do

Main expertise but not limited with mentioned above

Web development

From start to finish, a beautiful website to represent your offline business in WEB or website that is a business for you

Mobile Applications

Be on track with the whole world - build your own mobile iOS and/or Android application to extend an area of how your online business can be accessed


It does not matter if you built something with us or somebody else made you a website or a mobile app. We're happy to help you in any case.

Ready to go ahead but does not know what to do?

just contact us and
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